Structural Edge Engineering

About us – Structural Edge Engineering, PLLC

Structural Edge Engineering, PLLC is a structural engineering firm where the commitment to keeping our clients’ needs in mind at all times is held above all else. Our responsiveness, attention to detail, and availability are how we set ourselves apart in today’s competitive market.

At S.E. we excel in the structural design of buildings comprising of: commercial office and retail, industrial, hotel, multi-family housing, and custom residential projects. We also provide wind and seismic bracing and anchorage design for structural and non-structural elements including: piping and duct systems, large mechanical equipment, and steel racking.  Our expertise in building materials consists of: steel, concrete, timber and heavy timber, reinforced masonry, and light gauge metal framing.

At Structural Edge Engineering we believe that by providing exceptional engineering services, meeting project schedules, maintaining great lines of communication, and responding with immediate action; we will earn satisfied return customers who trust us and value our relationship.  We realize that all facets of your projects reflect on you and your colleagues, and by providing quality and responsive professional engineering services we will ensure everyone maintains and builds valued relationships that will continue to thrive.

David N. Sansotta, P.E., Owner