Engineers are people too

Dave Shooting with Kids
Jeremy with Siblings
Kyle with Family
Wyakin Foundation Pull-Ups for Purpose
Dave and Family at Disneyland
Golfing with Stack Rock Group and JBI
Dave & Nicolle Halloween
Jeremy & Erika at The Village
Jeremy Tailgating
Dave and Ben Deer Hunt
Andy with Family
Dave Cutting Thanksgiving Turkey
Jeremy Fishing the Snake River
Andy with Wife Competing in Iron Man in South Africa
Kyle with Hunted Mountain Lion
Dave and Ben at Priest Lake
Santa Dave
Andy Fishing
Jeremy with Wife in Vegas
Dave and Kid's Soccer Team
Dave Throwing the Hammer
Dave with Family at the Beach
Andy Duck Hunting
Inter-Engineering Office Go-Cart Race
(Andy won)
Golf with Slichter-Ugrin
Jeremy and Family
Andy and Daughter on Easter
Jeremy and Daughter at Portland State Lacrosse Game
Dave and Family at Harry Potter World
Office Christmas Gift
Jeremy and Son Snowboarding
Andy Bungee Jumping
Jeremy and Son at Oregon Football Game
David and Andy Shooting
Office Halloween Party
Andy with Dogs
Jeremy and John with Stack Rock Group
Boise Hawks Baseball Game
Dave and Nicolle Golfing
Jeremy with Wife Hiking in Hawaii
Tom and Family in front of the Millenium Falcon
Jeremy with kids and dog at cabin
David and Nicole Skiing
Tom and Shelley Universal
Andy and his wife cross country skiing
Andy and Daughter
Andy and His Wife With a Cheetah in South Africa
David and Jeremy at BOMA Golf Scramble
Tom & Angie w/Family rafting Staircase on South Fork
Dave's Lake Yoga
Jeremy John and Andy at Wedding
Andy and John - Cornhole KINGS
Jeremy with Kids at Fair
Tom's Happy Place
Dave Slalom Skiing
Dave with Niece
Jeremy and Son Duck Hunting
Dave's Present from Santa
Dave on a Snowmobile
Bieu with Daughter
Andy with His Friend's Pet Coyote
Dave and Kids Hunting
Andy with Wife at Wedding
Dave Playing with Kids
Kyle in L.A.
Brandon with Daughter
Jeremy and Wife in Hawaii
Alex Playing Game
Dyrin Wake Boarding
Maria Climbing Pyramids in Mexico
Porchia with Fiance
Steve at Mt. Robson Provincial Park, B.C.
Beiu with Wife
Kyle with Family
Jeremy with Daughter
Dave with Wife at Wedding
Bonnie in Hawaii
Alex Snow Skiing
Randy with Wife
Maria with Kids
Porchia with Daughter at Boise Hawks Game
Bieu with Family in the Snow
Jeremy with Slichter Ugrin at Redsox Game
Kyle with Daughter
Dave Goose Hunting
Jeremy Golfing with Stack Rock Group
Porchia Hiking
Kyle with Kids
Jeremy with Kids
Randy with Grandkids at Christmas
Randy at Family Reunion
Randy with Family at Lake
Porchia with Family
Alex at Comedy Show